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  • Laryngeal papilloma

    Laryngeal Papilloma is a rare medical condition in which non-cancerous tumors form along the aerodigestive tract. Laryngeal Papilloma grows inside the voice box, vocal cords, or the air passage from the nose to the lungs. The symptoms include breathing problems, difficulty swallowing, coughing, and hoarseness. Laryngeal Papilloma is a condition that has been researched in detail, but a cure is yet found. The Condition  Read More

  • Pleurisy (pleuritis)

    Pleurisy (pleuritis) is a health condition that occurs when the pleura, the thin layer of tissue that covers the lungs, becomes inflamed. Pleurisy (pleuritis) can be caused by a variety of things, including viruses, bacteria, and even lung cancer.  When the pleurae (membrane lining the thoracic cavity and the lungs) are swollen or inflamed, they may rub against each other, resulting in severe chest pain. Each time  Read More

  • Primary central hypoventilation syndrome

    Primary central hypoventilation syndrome is a disorder affecting normal breathing.  It causes people to take shallow breaths resulting in a lack of oxygen and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood.  The component of the nervous system that controls involuntary body processes would normally respond to such an imbalance by encouraging the person to breathe deeper or wake up. People  Read More